Meeting with members of the FCI Commission

Another stage passed!
The presentation of the breed was at a very high level. This is the opinion of FCI and RKF members. The facts that Stanislav Gorodilov expounded, confirming them with references to archival sources and old photographs, plunged the participants in amazement. Indeed, very few people knew that in the permafrost there were remains of dogs with sledges, which the American magazine The science recognized as the first evidence of the use of a dog by man. Or that only the Yakut Laika breed can survive in a harsh climate, where the temperature can drop to - 60 degrees. And at the same time - to work in the harness.
Statistical tables of the Russian Empire, economic reviews, archival prints, old books and manuals, reports of the Russian Imperial Geographical Society, and more recent documents: reports of travelers, researchers, dog handlers, Soviet documents - collected information about the dogs of the Far North bit by bit over several years. Russia. Gorodilov did another great job - from all this, a host of documents and testimonies, he had to choose a few facts for a report to 20 minutes. All this time, the guests did not take their eyes off the screen, where the evidence collected by Gorodilov was shown.
After the report of Stanislav, the attendees got acquainted with the dogs themselves, who caressed everyone they could reach.
And then the guests watched a slideshow - a visual representation of the breed. In the end, on the shots of the Arctic expedition, some could not hold back the tears of empathy and delight.
Both members of the FCI, after familiarizing themselves with printed materials and translations (booklet, history of the breed, standard with comments), made speeches in which they shared their impressions.
A summary of their performances: the Yakut Laika breed, judging by the first impression, is undoubtedly native and established, having its own unique appearance. She is ready for submission for registration in the FCI system. They expressed their admiration and gratitude to people who do not want to invent something of their own, but want to preserve what nature has given them. They expressed the hope that by May 2019 the Yakut Laika breed will be ready for registration in the FCI system. For their part, they will contribute to this.